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Dilute Nitric Acid

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Nitric Acid

Following quality standard GB/T337.2-2014 industrial level, Shandong Huayang Dr Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. supplies dilute nitric acid with 68% content all year round and its appearance color is colorless or pale yellow transparent liquid. Mass fraction of nitrous acid ≤0.10 and that of burning slag ≤0.01. 
Featuring suffocating pungent odor, volatility and white smog generation in the air, dilute nitric acid with 68% content is small nitric acid drip of nitric acid vapor combining with steam. In case of exposure, it can generate dinitrogen tetroxide and become brown, featuring strong acidity. It can turn wool fabric and animal tissue to bright yellow, react violently with ethyl alcohol, turpentine, carbon and other organics and mix with water to form azeotropic mixture, featuring relative density (d204) 1.41, boiling point 120.5℃ and strong oxidability. It reacts with metals (excluding gold platinum) to release nitrogen dioxide or nitric oxide, featuring strong corrosiveness. 
Main purpose: 68% acid is applied mainly to manufacture ammonium nitrate, calcium ammonium nitrate, nitric phosphate, ammonia phosphorus potassium and other compound fertilizers, to manufacture raw materials of calcium, copper, silver, cobalt, strontium and nitrate, and to manufacture nitric acid lipid or nitro-contained explosive. 
1. It is applied to manufacture tetranitromethane, nitroethane, 1-nitropropane, 2.4-binitro phenoxyethanol and other nitro compounds in organic industry. 
2. It is applied to synthesize paranitroanisole, 4.4-binitro diphenyl ether, p-nitrophenol, 2.5-dichloronitrobenzene and other dye intermediates in dye industry.  
3. It is applied to manufacture nitrocellulose varnish and nitrocellulose enamel in coating industry. 
4. It is applied to manufacture nitroacetophenone, p-nitrobenzaldehyde, nitrobenzoic acid ethyl ester and other intermediates in pharmaceutical industry. 
5. It is applied to indigo color removal printing in printing and dyeing industry. 
6. It is applied to manufacture intermediate of rubber accelerant M in rubber industry. 
7. It is applied to manufacture raw material cyclohexanone of ethanedioic acid and beta-lactam in plastic industry. 
8. It is applied to separate precious metal, extract and purify rare earth metal and conduct acid pickling of steel pipe and copper in metallurgy industry. 
Advantages: the Company is close to Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, Beijing-Fuzhou High-speed and 104 National Highway, featuring convenient traffic conditions. With DCS centralized control, the Company has advanced process technology and stable product quality. 68% bleaching acid of the Company is widely accepted by clients due to its stable product quality and good social credit. Products of our Company are sold both at home and abroad and exported to several countries such as Southeast Asia and Mongolia. New and old clients are welcomed to our Company for visiting and discussing cooperation. 



Test Report of Tai’an Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute


Serial number Test items Unit Technical requirements Test results Single evaluation
1 Appearance / colorless or light yellow transparent liquid Light yellow transparent liquid Qualified
2 The mass fraction of nitric acid (HNO₃), % / ≥68.0 68.2 Qualified
3 The mass fraction of nitrous acid (HNO₂), % / ≤0.10 0.02 Qualified
4 The mass fraction of burning residue, % / ≤0.01 0.007 Qualified


Contact: Manager Xu

Contact number:13335275129



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