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Macro-element water-soluble fertilizer (full nutrition high potassium type)

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Macro-element water-soluble fertilizer (full nutrition high potassium type)

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Nutrient content

Total Nitrogen (N): 16%   Phosphorus (P2O5): 8%    Potassium (K2O) :32%    Boron (B): 0.2%   Zinc (chelated Zn) 0.05%   Iron (chelated Fe) 0.02%   Manganese (chelated Mn) 0.02%    Copper (chelated Cu): 0.02%


Product features

◆ Using imported raw materials, precision manufacturing, high quality, widely used in various crops, 100% full nutrition, no hormones, no chlorine.

◆ Contains medium element magnesium, which promotes crop photosynthesis, increases plant leaf chlorophyll content, and increases fruit color.

◆ Add a variety of chelated metal elements to meet the growth needs of crops in different periods.

◆ This product contains 16% nitrogen, which is suitable for the whole growing period of crops. It can be directly absorbed by crops and has high utilization rate.

◆ This product contains 32% potassium, which can quickly meet the demand for potassium when fruits and grains expand. It is especially suitable for the fruiting period of cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables, and the fruiting period of fruit trees. It can promote fruit swelling, increase fruit sugar content, brighten fruit color, improve fruit quality, and promote harvests of vegetables, fruit trees and other crops.

◆ Promotes the expansion of the root system, the robustness of the plant, and the enhancement of crop resistance to disease and stress.


Applicable crops and methods of use

It can be used for soil fertilization, foliar fertilization, soilless cultivation, various types of irrigation and fertilization (such as: flushing with water, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, etc.).

Crop type

basic and top application rate

Use period

Interval period

Foliar spray concentration

Fruits: apples, peaches, grapes, etc.


young fruit stage, fruit swelling stage

7 days

500-1000 times dilution with water

Vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.


Vigorous growth period, fruiting period

Tobacco, tea and other crops


Vigorous growth period

Remarks: This product is fast-dissolving and highly effective. It is recommended to apply a small amount and multiple times for the best effect.



◆ It is strictly forbidden to eat by humans and animals;

◆ Foliar spraying should not be mixed with alkaline pesticides, the effect is better when spraying in the morning or evening;

◆ Store in a cool and dry place. If the product is agglomerated, it will not affect the use effect. It is easy to absorb moisture. Please seal it after unpacking.


Limited elements:

Mercury (Hg)≤5mg/kg   Arsenic (As)≤10mg/kg   Cadmium (Cd)≤10mg/kg   Lead (Pb)≤50mg/kg   Chromium (Cr)≤50mg/kg



5Kg/bag, material: PET compound bag   10Kg, 20Kg/bag, material: pearl film woven bag


Contact: Manager Xie

Contact number:15253813166



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